Tom Lantos Institute

The Tom Lantos Institute (TLI) was established as an organisational unit with independent legal entity status under the supervision of the Board of Trustees of the Centre for Democracy Public Foundation. It performs the necessary tasks to achieve the goals of the Centre for Democracy Public Foundation according to the Deed of Foundation of the Public Foundation corresponding to the paragraph 74/B. § (3) of the Hungarian Civil Code.

The Tom Lantos Institute (TLI) is primarily a research institute and think-tank organization with a particular focus on human rights and minority rights in Central-Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans. Furthermore, it carries out projects in a wider geographical area as needs arise in order to advance democratization processes and strengthen the enjoyment of basic human rights and fundamental freedoms. TLI has a special focus on youth and minorities and maintains close cooperation with them in the implementation of its programs and projects.

The President of the Tom Lantos Institute is Dr. Anna-Mária Bíró. Information about the activities and the implemented projects of the Institute is available on its website (

Contact information of the Tom Lantos Institute:

Address: Bérc u. 13-15., 1016 Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36 1 209 0024


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